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Beau and Jessie

Tragically I have to accept that Beau is no longer alive. He was born on 1 February 2001, 18 years ago.

I am leaving the majority of Beau's website unchanged. I will continue to try to complete my book 加速网络连接 which has had to be placed on hold many times because of major life challenges I have faced.

My English Setter "Beau" was stolen from our home on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia on 加速网络连接

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From the moment I found Beau gone, I searched endlessly day and night for Beau. I advertised weekly, desperately trying to find Beau. I travelled throughout the States of Queensland and New South Wales, hammering up posters, distributing flyers and talking to people on the way, desperately trying to find Beau. Beau was never seen again. He literally vanished into thin air. This is the fate of stolen dogs and all stolen animals in Australia.

It is a national disgrace that very little has changed since 2003 to discourage the stealing of dogs (all animals) and nothing is still being done to stop irresponsible dog owners from keeping lost dogs they find without making any attempt to locate the legal owner of the dog. This also constitutes stealing.

The connections human beings form with dogs vary significantly. Since I was a young child I have shared an extremely deep connection with all animals. I was born with this Unconditional Love. The animals who I am blessed to share my life with are my children. They are not "just an animal". I love my animal children very deeply. Their needs come before mine. I would go to the "ends of the earth" to help them. My Media Stories web page gives a tiny idea of the extent of my search for Beau.

My website is also dedicated to the memory of my precious English Setter "Jessie" who died on 1 May 2005 without seeing Beau again. Jessie suffered major trauma from what happened on the verandah the day Beau was stolen on 1 July 2003.

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Human beings forget the great contribution animals make to our lives when they say: "It's only a dog (all animals)".

My Poems and Stories web page shows the close connection between human beings and dogs which has existed for more than a 100,000 years and the inter-connectedness of all life. A Dog is Man's Best Friend.

My English Setter Breed web page provides some information about these beautiful dogs.

My Pet Grief web page talks about the joy of Love and the pain of Grief. These feelings are inter-connected. The stronger you love, the stronger will be the pain you suffer in your grief.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book 'The Wheel of Life' states "the sole purpose of life is to grow. The ultimate lesson is learning how to love and be loved unconditionally."

Diane Stein in her book 'Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats' states "the sickness of the Earth is reflected in the dis-eases of people and animals, and animals in their oneness with the Earth are hurt sooner than humans and are more helpless."

Mahatma Gandhi believed that "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

Jiddu Krishnamurti believed that "man is the only animal that is to be dreaded".

A philosophy of the Cree Native American Indians is .. "Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only then will you realise that money cannot be eaten".

'The Sacred Tree. Reflections on Native American Spirituality' produced collaboratively by Julie Bopp, Michael Bopp, Lee Brown and Phil Lane expressed this philosophy: "The Hurt of One is the Hurt of All. The Honour of One is the Honour of All."


Respect the Earth and Every-Being therein .. therein lies the Dog.



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